SEO: 3 Things to Know

SEO: 3 Things to Know

1) It isn’t necessary.

Most SEO professionals will tell you that you need SEO, that your business will fail without it, that you NEED them. It isn’t true. You need an SEO professional like you need another expense on your budget. If you have room for one its an excellent investment. If you don’t have the money in your advertising budget, then don’t hire one. You’ll be wasting your time and money.


2) Most SEO is garbage.

There will be many individuals who come to your business that offer a service that is essentially nothing. One of my clients spoke to me about an experience she had where the individual who approached her claimed to have professional affiliations and experience that would help her gain more sales from her website. To an experienced ear it hurt to hear these things because there was no way the professional she spoke with was affiliated with Google or Bing. But it wasn’t her fault. She does the books, hiring, training, firing, and anything else a small business owner has to handle. She doesn’t have the time to figure out what is useful and what is not. It is safer to say that most SEO is worthless, until proven otherwise.


3) The customer comes first.

This axiom is often repeated by business owners and it holds true even with search engine optimization. The customer will always come first. What sets SEO apart is that the customers it focuses on are the ones looking for specific businesses; goods and services that they want, at that particular time. With this in mind it is easy to see that when a website is ranked (the proof spoke of above) for a specific term that potential customers are using those same customers will find the website, and the business associated with it.

When you are considering a professional in the field, be picky. Find someone who will meet your needs and can do what they say they can. Get proof, and if you can talk to more than one professional in the field before settling on any particular one. We are here to answer your questions if you want or need to know about any particular professional’s claims and proofs. At this time we cannot accept additional clients, though we do have a waiting list.