SEO: Know Your Pro

SEO: Know Your Pro

When looking for a search engine optimization professional you should be looking for three things: results, results, results.

At Imagine Designs we measure our results two ways. The first is the position of our client’s website in the SERPs (search engine results page). We can track this using a number of tools that are available on the internet. The best way to check this as a business owner, though, is to take the search term identified by your SEO professional and check on Google for yourself.

What are you ranking for?

It is very important for your SEO professional to pick out a keyword/search term that your potential customers are searching for. For example, if I am ranking my website for SEO services in Logan, Utah it is important that I specify what state I am in because if I don’t I may be getting searches from people who I am not seeking as customers. And these people won’t buy what I have because I don’t have what they want.

Will the search term bring more traffic to your website?

Google has (at this point they may no longer have it) a tool that allows anyone to see the average volume of searches a term receives monthly. Using this tool will allow you to see how many people, on average, search for the term that your SEO professional has chosen.

Are they looking for what you have?

As above, it is important to know who is searching for the search term. You cannot know directly, but simply searching for that term in Google will show you what Google thinks those people want. This will allow you, the business owner, to see what Google thinks should be there. If the results look like something your clientele would want then you want your website to rank for that term.

When you ask these questions of a potential SEO professional take note of the answers and find someone you can ask about what they said. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.