House Painter In Boulder, Co. Makes Break

House Painter In Boulder, Co. Makes Break

Some Boulder house painters have made it big in the Boulder and Denver area.

Fordham & Maclean painting has been provide painting services in Boulder for over thirty years. They take great pride in the quality of the painting work and attention to detail. As a result, they have a built a loyal customer base over time. Painting services include painting interior and exteriors , for both commercial and residential buildings. This house painter takes up both large and small painting jobs, depending on the customer requirements. They also take up painting and marking of parking lots in different areas, staining, oiling and texturising surfaces as needed by their customer.


By using high quality Benjamin Moore paint, this family owned business can ensure a beautiful long lasting paint finish. Ecofriendly paints, faux finish and hi tech finishes can be provided based on the customer requirements and budgets. A venetian plaster may be applied on request. Other related activities like drywall repair, carpentry repair, power washing, which may have to be completed, before the paint can be applied, are also undertaken by this firm, for the convenience of the customer who may not have the time to co-ordinate with different agencies.

Any individual or company interested in getting their home, office or factory painted can contact the boulder house painter on the phone number provided on the website. A free estimate is provided to all potential customers based on the inputs provided by them. Fordham & Maclean painting promises that no customer will have to pay more than the original estimate at a later date, unless the customer wants some additional work to be done. There will also be no surprise charges at a later date. If the painting peels off within 3 to 4 years of painting, they are willing to repaint it for free, as they are very confident about the quality of the work done by them.

Often customers dislike the colour of the house after it has been painted, and want it repainted again with a different colour. Fordham & Maclean painting offers free colour consultation to their customers, where they advise customers on selecting the appropriate colour for the house. The colour of the paint may look different when in a painting can, and when the colour is painted on the walls of the house. Testimonials from satisfied customers are posted on the website, for reference by businesses and individuals interested in hiring the services of the family owned painting business from Boulder, Colorado.